Twitter Announces New List of Banned Words.

San Francisco – Twitter on Friday published an updated list of words that will get your account suspended, either temporarily or permanently. We spent quite a bit of time digging through this list and decided we would not publish it.

Rather, we decided to publish the list of words that Twitter accepts and will not get your account suspended. Following is the complete list of words that are acceptable to Twitter:

  • Atheist, atheism
  • Ad, advertise
  • Product
  • Liberal, Democrat
  • the, that, then, here, there, with
  • Money, cash
  • Pay, Twitter, more, money
  • Republicans, and, conservatives, are, evil, they, must, be, stopped, at, all, costs
  • Google, is, our, friend
  • America, sucks
  • White, people, must, die
  • Black, people, are, good
  • White, guilt, is, real
  • Liberals, are, the, best, people
  • Gays, are, okay, too
  • We, will, rule, the, world
  • New, world, order, is, coming
  • The, great, reset, will, make, us, rich, and, enslave, the, world

Facebook is still compiling their list of banned words, but we suspect that when all is said and done, the list of words that will not get your account banned on Facebook will look very much like this one.

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