Use this List to Check if the FBI’s Spying on you…

Langley – The FBI has been under fire recently for allegedly spying on American citizens. As a public service, we are providing the following check list to help you determine whether or not the FBI is spying on you. If any of the following is true, the FBI is likely spying on you:

  • You mention the word, “Trump” over the phone and the line suddenly goes dead,
  • Your Alexa device sounds an alarm and repeats the phrase, “He’s over here,”
  • When you show up to vote, police escorts accompany you,
  • You are barred from school board meetings,
  • Your ammo purchases are limited to Nerf bullets,
  • You’re white,
  • Every TV in the house magically tunes itself to CNN or MSNBC,
  • The FBI shows up at your front door asking for, “directions,”
  • You come home to find bars on your windows and trip wires at the thresholds of every door.

This message has been brought to you by the Chinese government.

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