Vegan Burgers and Chicken? Taco Bell Has Joined the Craze!

New York – Taco Bell announced yesterday that they will be joining Burger King and KFC in offering menus with alternative proteins.

Last year, Burger King introduced the Impossible Whopper with the “beef” patties made from plants. In January of 2022, KFC introduced fried “chicken” made from plant-based material.

Taco Bell made the following announcement at a recent press conference addressing how they will implement alternative proteins into their menu beginning in March of 2022:

“Taco Bell believes in keeping up with the times, therefore, just like Burger King and KFC, we will be offering a variety of new proteins for all of our tacos, crunch-wraps, and burritos. These proteins include, beef, chicken, and pork. Thank you.”

Ronald McDonald was seen sobbing in the back row of the press conference.

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