Victoria has a New Secret. Lingerie for Transgenders!

New York – Victoria’s Secret is hopping on the transgender train by offering a line of lingerie specific to men who want to be women. They call this new line of lingerie, “Victor’s Secret.” It’s pretty sexy as far as lingerie for men goes!

A spokesman for the company had this to say:

“Victoria’s Secret is all-inclusive. Then we asked ourselves, ‘Why should we only cater to women?’ We soon realized we we’re discriminating against half the population. So we decided to do something about it. Victor’s Secret was born.

This new line is not just for transgender men, it’s for all men. We must admit though, we model this new line of lingerie using transgender men because they make it look sassy and sexy! And all of our lingerie is made from silk and satin from China. The kids who make it there just love making our lingerie.”

The Victor’s Secret line will go on sale beginning in March on their website.

The spokesman also noted that free condoms will be given with each order.


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