Washington Commanders (Commies) Introduce New Mascot, Karl Commie.

Washington DC – Last week, the Washington Football Team unveiled their new team name, “The Washington Commanders,” or, “Commies,” for short. The name was such a hit, the team introduced their new mascot based on the shortened version of their name, “Commie.”

The team mascot’s official name is, “Karl Commie.”

We asked a fan what he thinks about the new mascot:

“He’s cute and seems like a marshmallow, just like the rest of the people in DC. Marshmallows, perfect if you ask me. All them commies need their own mascot. Maybe they’ll get a clue and start acting like patriotic Americans for a change! Really, who the hell is gonna support or cheer for the Commies? Bring back the Redskins please. At least we beat the Redskins back in the day. Hell, no one cared, now we have commies all over the country, not just in the stadium. How long before they take over?

You know, now that I think about it, I bet the owner named them the Commies intentionally. Just as a big Fuck You to all them Redskin hatin’ Democrat commies. Brilliant! ‘Here you go commies, your own team named after you and your stupidity! They paid for it, now they can eat it! ‘”

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