Watch: Teacher Fired for Not “Meowing” Back at Student Who Identifies as a Cat!

A TikTok user posted a video claiming she was disciplined by a Commie California school because she didn’t “meow” back to a child.

The woman, posting under the account @crazynamebridgetmichael, identifies her occupation as a substitute teacher. She has posted other videos that appear to be filmed in a Middle School. In fact, one video shows her in a locker room talking about Middle School kids. Another video shows her in the parking lot of a school with her bags of supplies that includes a batch of brownies for her students.

Oh, crap, this is another true story that slipped by us again.


a typical day of subbing! can’t make this up . #substituteteacher #substitute #teachers #crazy #studentslife #classroomcraziness #lovinglife

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