Whoopi Goldberg to Appear in One-Woman Broadway Show…in Blackface!

New York – Whoopi Goldberg was recently suspended from The View for two weeks for her outlandish opinion on Jews. She intends to make use of her free time by hosting a one-woman Broadway show in blackface for one night only. (Pictured above is both Whoopi and her ex, Ted Danson, in blackface.) The rest of her free time will we spent starring in this show.

We asked several people on the street what they think about this and here are the responses:

“In blackface? That’s just wrong. Any adult should know that blackface is just in poor taste. I hope she rots in hell. I mean really, who the hell does she think she is? For a liberal she sounds pretty stupid.”

Another passer-by had this to say:

“Are you talking about a minstrel show? That sounds like it could be fun, but, I really don’t think I wanna pay to see fat people. I’m not racist or anything, I mean, is ‘fat’ a race?”

And yet another:

“We gots to stand up for the brothas and sistas! Black power bro! Whoopi who? Goldberg? She Jewish? Nah, forget it. Black is beautiful, but fat is whack, and Jew is you.”

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