Whoopi Out at The View! Lands Job on 1,000-Lb Sisters!

New York – Whoopi Goldberg, the outspoken liberal host of The View, was suspended indefinitely today because of insensitive Nazi comments she made earlier in the week. 

Ms. Goldberg decided not to return to the show and opted for breaking her contract and joining the morbidly obese sisters on the TLC hit show, 1,000-Lb Sisters. She will; however, do a one-night-only Broadway show outlined here.

The show stars obese women trying to get through life and lose weight. We asked one of the show’s producers about her thoughts on Whoopi Goldberg joining the cast:

“It’s so great to have Whoopi join us! She will be such an inspiration to Tammy and Amy. They just love her so much and hope to get down to her weight someday. You know, somewhere in the 400-pound range. And to have not only a fat woman join us, but a black fat woman…such a treat. I’m sure she’ll fit right in. You know what? We may have to change the name of the show to something like 1,500-Lb Sistas, or something like that. I hope we have enough lumber to build more supports before she gets on set. So exciting! I’ve got so much to do. Thank you.”

The show recently added new sponsors because of the addition of Whoopi Goldberg: Fat Joe’s Burgers, and Ford F-350 Heavy Duty Pickup trucks.

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