Women go on Hunger Strike in Attempt to get Voting Rights Bill Passed – Set Hunger Strike Record!

Atlanta – Activists began a hunger strike December 1st, 2021, to demand Congress pass voting rights legislation, even though any chance of an overhaul appears dead.

The activists are planning to strike indefinitely unless the legislation passes the Senate. But after Sen. Kyrsten Sinema reaffirmed that she would not vote to remove the filibuster, which would have meant the upper chamber only needed a simple majority to pass the voting rights bills, the legislation appears to have no immediate path forward.

The hunger strike has been going on for 47 straight days (a new world record) with no end in sight. We asked one of the women how long they think they can keep this up for and her answer was surprising:

“This ain’t so hard. I mean, me and Tammy could do this for six more months if we had to. And yeah, I know we broke the record – and the only thing I thought we broke was that bench over there. But seriously, everyone should have the right to vote and we won’t quit until that day comes…or an ice cream truck pulls up front.”

The activists were unaware that the bill did not prevent anyone from voting. We thought about informing the activists about this fact, but for their own health and well being, we declined.

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