Yellowstone Actor Talks About the Show and the Actors’ Love for Each Other.

SLC – There is no doubt that the biggest hit show on TV nowadays is, Yellowstone. It’s pretty much a modern cowboy soap opera where men are men, women are evil, and sheep are scared. Take Beth Dutton for example, she is the queen of evil bitches.

We were lucky enough to get a few questions in to Jefferson White, the actor who plays Jimmy on the show:

1791: Jeff, nice to meet you. How far removed are the characters from the actors in real life? In other words, how much are you like, Jimmy?

JW: Gee, I’m nothing like Jimmy in real life. I don’t think any of the actors are like their characters. If I didn’t know better, I never would have thought the actress that plays Beth, Kelly, was British and a crazy cat lady. I mean, she has 17 cats at home and she brings them all to every shoot. That can be a real pain for the staff, especially cleaning up all that cat shit and hair off the set and all the clothes and stuff.

1791: What about you? Are you a cowboy and womanizer in real life, just like Jimmy?

JW: No, no, no. I thought you knew I was gay. Yeah, me and Cole (he plays Rip on the show) kinda, you know, have a thing. But he’s not a bad ass in real life like he is on the show. He’s just a big teddy bear. I like that about him. I wished they’d let him shave though…all that scruff – bleh.

1791: So what do you do in the off-season when you’re not filming? 

JW: Well I live in Brooklyn and try to do the hipster thing. It’s a great place to do live poetry slams. I really like that. Then there’s Broadway. Great place to see some live shows. Ooh, that reminds me! I have tickets to see Neil Patrick Harris next week! Shweeeet!

1791: How is it working with Kevin Costner?

JW: It’s okay, nothing special really. I mean, I think we get one scene together every season. He’s such a prima donna. Won’t talk to anyone unless it’s in the script. Even then he tries to change the script so he can go off on some rant, like he’s Shakespeare or somethin’. Oops, gotta run!

1791: Great talking to you Jeff. Have a good one.

JW: Kisses!

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